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Summary: Reviews frequently asked questions regarding SilverPay. 

What is needed from me (the customer)?

There is no extra work needed for implementing SilverPay! All you need to do is submit payments and enjoy the rebates!

What is

When a supplier can accept credit card payments for invoices, but cannot accept them via email, payment emails will be sent to our internal Proxy team. Proxy team members will complete the payment either by calling it in to your supplier or through an online portal at no charge

How do I void a SilverPay payment?

You can void a SilverPay payment by pulling up the payment details in MineralTree and pressing “Void”. An alert will be sent to our team to cancel the payment

My supplier says the card link has expired.

If the payment is still within the 30 day expiration period and you have not been contacted by a MineralTree rep, then your supplier is looking at an old link. If a SilverPay payment goes 8 days without being processed, an automatic reminder is sent to your supplier. This reminder email contains a fresh link, which essentially voids the old link for security purposes. The supplier likely needs to locate the most recent email.

My supplier says the card has declined.

There are only 3 reasons why a SilverPay card will decline:

  1. The supplier swiped it for something other than the exact amount on the card
  2. The supplier entered the information incorrectly
  3. The card has already been fully utilized 

Please feel free to forward any vendor inquiries to!

How can I see all the suppliers who have agreed to SilverPay?

You can get this information directly from the platform! 

  1. Navigate to the “Search” tab in the application
  2. Click on “Vendors”
  3. Click on “Download Report”
  4. In the Excel report, filter by column AB, which will show all the suppliers who have SilverPay defaulted
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