Invoice Creation: Manual Entry in MineralTree


Audience: Accounting Manager and Invoice Approver (if enabled)

Summary: Reviews how to manually code an invoice in MineralTree.

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Introduction to Manual Entry

If you need to create an invoice in MineralTree but do not have time for Invoice Capture to complete or don't have an invoice document, manual entry is possible. Invoices that don't go through capture are always created in the Inbox, and can be created with or without an associated document. 

Manual Entry With A Document

When working in the Inbox List View, you'll click into the Invoice hyperlink. 


From there, click Create Invoice. 


You will be presented with the option to proceed with manual entry since Invoice Capture has not yet completed. If working in the Inbox Card View, clicking on the invoice hyperlink will send you to this screen directly. 


Invoices created within MineralTree are initially saved in a draft status. Once posted to the accounting system, invoices will be available for payment in MineralTree.

When you create an invoice manually you still have automatic invoice coding. When you select a vendor name, it will automatically populate the coding from that Vendor's Profile in MineralTree. 

When you begin to type in an existing vendor name, the dropdown will populate and you should select the appropriate vendor. 


Once you select the vendor, you can see that the coding has populated from the Vendor Profile within the MineralTree application.


Please note that because the invoice did not go through capture, the invoice date will be the date you enter the invoice, and you will still have to add the invoice number and amounts for invoice lines. The gross amount on the summary level will automatically add any line-level net amounts that you code. If you would like to update your Vendor Profile Invoice Preferences you can do so on the Vendor Profile Page. 

Manual Entry Without A Document

Invoices can also be added without a document by clicking into the Inbox view and clicking on the + sign on the top right. 


Once you click that you'll have the option to upload a document or create without a document. Screen_Shot_2021-03-23_at_12.35.43_PM.png

From there you can manually enter your invoice information as explained in the previous section.





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