Recurring Invoices in MineralTree


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to create recurring invoices to track bills that occur periodically (e.g. rent)

If you want to create a recurring invoice for bills that you pay on a particular cadence, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this. 

Create Invoices in MineralTree

If you have a bill such as a rent payment that is recurring, you can create all of the bills at a single time and date them appropriately in advance. This way as you move through the year, the correct bills will show up as appropriate.

Create Invoices in Accounting System

Some accounting systems allow the creation of recurring invoices and if your accounting system has this type of scheduler, creating them there will automatically sync over to MineralTree for them to be paid. For more information on the workflow of this type of invoice creation, see this article.

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