QuickBooks Desktop: Sync Preparation

Audience: ERP Admin and Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews what you should know and do to prepare to sync with QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is an accounting software that is not cloud-based. Instead it is what is considered “on-prem” or on premises. Each company file in QuickBooks will sync to its own MineralTree company. This guide will review best practices for before, during, and after your QuickBooks Desktop sync.

Before the Sync

Check the Company File Size. If a single company file is over 700MB, a best practice is to use a computer/server that you will not need to access until your initial and historical sync is complete to avoid a decrease in QuickBooks performance. Please inform your implementation manager if you have large company files.

Single User Mode. Plan to be in this mode during the sync. This means all other users cannot be working in QuickBooks during this time.

Last Restore Date. Provide the date(s) of the last time any company files were restored in the last year (if applicable).

Gather Your Resources. People required at the sync call:

  • An Accounting Manager to access the Connector download area and generate the Connector key.
  • A QuickBooks Desktop Administrator to allow access into QuickBooks. If the admin credentials are used by multiple people to access QuickBooks, then a new “Full Access” user should be created in QuickBooks specifically for this purpose.
  • Someone with install permissions. If you are unable to download programs on your computer or server, you’ll need a Network Administrator to assist you. If your QuickBooks server is externally hosted, this might mean reaching out to them for assistance.

During the Sync

Once your resources are gathered, we will guide you through your sync. Please familiarize yourself with the QuickBooks Desktop Integration Guide prior to the call.

Installation Information. Syncing requires you to download the QBD Connector, on a Windows computer or server with QuickBooks Desktop. If located on a desktop instead of a server, it is recommended that the Connector be downloaded on 2+ computers containing QBD in order to provide redundancy. For every company file, you will also need a Connector Key which will be generated during this time. Do not close the Connector during the initial sync.

Microsoft .Net Framework. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 or above should be installed. All Windows PCs and Servers come preinstalled with this, but if it is not we will install it during your initial sync call. 

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