Microsoft Dynamics GP: Sync Preparation


Audience: ERP Admin and Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews what you should know and do to prepare to sync with Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Before the Sync

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an accounting software that is not cloud-based. Instead it is what is considered “on-prem” or on premises. While there is an add-on to GP called Multi-entity Management (MEM) which supports multiple entities/subsidiaries, that is not supported by MineralTree. Only one GP company can sync to one company in MineralTree. Currently, GP versions 2013-2018 are supported. 

eConnect.  This is a required installation in order to use the system. It is likely that you already have eConnect with your GP application. Check with your GP administrator to be sure. eConnect is located on the same server as GP and this is the same server on which the connector will be installed. eConnect is what allows MineralTree to post data to GP.

Firewall. Data is transferred via Port 443 (HTTPS). In order for data to flow, this port must be open prior to the syncing of the two systems.

Last Restore Date. Provide the date(s) of the last time the GP database was restored in the last year (if applicable).

Installation information. GP is installed on a server. eConnect and the MineralTree Connector must also be installed on this server.

Gather Your Resources. People required at the sync call:

  • An Accounting Manager to access the Connector download area and generate the Connector key.
  • eConnect user and their credentials to allow eConnect to connect the two systems.
  • A Server Admin and their credentials to install the MineralTree Connector on the appropriate server where GP lives. If your server is hosted outside your organization, you should contact them and invite them to this call.

During the Sync

Once your resources are gathered, we will guide you through your sync call. Please familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Guide prior to the call. 

Syncing requires the download of the GP Connector. In order for MineralTree to sync with Microsoft Dynamics GP, it requires the use of a Connector program that allows the sync to occur between them.  This is called the “Connector” and it must be installed on the same server on which GP eConnect service is installed/running. This Connector download is accessed by an Accounting Manager user. For every company you wish to sync, you will also need a Connector Key which will be generated during the call. Do not close the Connector during the initial sync.

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