MineralTree 2020: Main Navigation Menu


Audience: Accounting Managers
Summary: The new Main Navigation is functionally similar to the legacy application navigation. The new Main Navigation has three sections that allows you to navigate the application, and access quick information. You can see the new Main Navigation below with descriptions of each system menu.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is the main section of the main navigation that gives you access to the Dashboard, Invoices Tab, Payments Tab, Search Tab, & Reports Tab just as you previously would.


Company Name

This will display name of the company you are currently working in. If you are assigned to multiple companies, you will be able to select them from the dropdown. 


System Menus

Depending on your accounting system you may see three or four icons within the System Menus section. Here's what each one contains:

User Menu

The user menu is personalized to you and your level of access. The letters in the icon represent your initials. The user menu is where you can access the Company Profile, and log out from the application.


Note: If you have Admin permissions, you will be able to access Company Settings from here. For "No Accounting Package" users, you will also see QuickPay, Add Vendor, and Recurring Invoices here.


The document icon will navigate you to the company's inbox, where you can upload documents or view documents pending capture, or newly captured invoices.


Help Menu

The help menu will contains access to Customer Support and Product Training, where you can find free upcoming training webinars. 


ERP Menu

The ERP menu displays your connection status between your ERP and MineralTree, the last sync time between the two, and the ability to Connect/Disconnect (cloud-based ERPs only).


Note: For No Accounting Package users, you will not see the ERP menu.


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