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Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to post an invoice in MineralTree.

Before you can pay an invoice in MineralTree, it must be posted to your ERP. Until you post an invoice, it does not exist in your ERP but only as a draft in MineralTree. The best practice is to have your invoice approved by the invoice approver prior to posting. 

Anything labeled "draft" is available to post and does not yet exist in your ERP. Please note that in the dropdown menu, "Pay" is selected. 


To post an invoice, click the "Pay" dropdown and select "Post." 


When you select "Post", all of the drafts become available to post and the invoices that are already posted are marked "Unpaid." 


From here, check off the invoices you'd like to post, and a green arrow will appear. Click that green arrow, and the selected invoices will post to your ERP on the next sync cycle. 


 Please note that for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains users, you must go into your ERP and accept and post the invoice batch for it to sync over to MineralTree to be able to pay. 

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