Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews the two different types of memos that MineralTree has and where they would appear. 

MineralTree memos can show up in two places. One is on the emailed remittance sent to your vendor upon the authorization of payment and the other is on the check stub when paying by check.

The administrator can choose to have one of two values appear on the memo field: either the vendor's Customer Account number, or the contents of the Memo field on the invoice related to the payment.

This can be configured independently for the remittance (both email and the "stub" that is mailed to vendors with the check) and for the check itself. In both cases, these settings are company-wide; they cannot be configured per-vendor. For more information on where to configure this, look at Administrator Privileges

Customer Account Number

The information on the memo lines of the remittance and the actual check can be determined in one of two ways:

Vendor Account Number: Navigate to the Vendor Details Page and scroll down to Payment Preferences.


Memo line from the invoice

Accounting Managers can enter a custom memo line while coding the invoice from the Invoice Details Page


While there is no character limit for these fields, it will start to truncate for the remittance memo at 35 characters unless the payment method is a pressure sealed check, in which case the truncation starts at 15 characters. For the memo on the physical check, it will start to truncate at 110 characters.

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