SilverPay Remittance


Audience: Accounting Manager and Payment Authorizer

Summary: This article reviews the remittances that vendors receive when you pay them with using SilverPay in MineralTree.

When you pay a vendor with SilverPay in the MineralTree platform, the vendor will receive a remittance containing a temporary one-time-use card number that they are able to swipe for the purchase amount that you indicated in MineralTree. The image below is what they will receive. They will click the link, and from there be able to process the payment. 


Please note that when you are paying multiple invoices to the same vendor, the default setting in MineralTree is to group that into one payment amount with the individual invoices indicated on the remittance. If your vendor requires one payment per invoice, disable payment grouping on the vendor page in MineralTree.

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