How Do Amex Payments Work?


Audience: Accounting Manager and Payment Authorizer

Summary: This article reviews how tokenized American Express payments work in MineralTree.

In short, MineralTree enables your physical American Express business card to also act as a virtual card through the MineralTree platform to pay your vendors. This process is called tokenization. You will still get the same rewards from those purchases as you normally would and the transactions show up on the same statement. 

So what is a virtual card? When you make a payment in MineralTree using your American Express card, your vendor is emailed a remittance containing the invoice information as well as a one-time-use 16-digit card number that they can swipe in their credit card terminal. This 16-digit number can only be swiped up to the amount that you specified in MineralTree and can only be used one time. It expires after 30 days.


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