Make A Payment With Amex


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: This article reviews how to make a payment in MineralTree using your American Express card.

This article contains:

  • Finding open invoices for vendors that accept Amex
  • Submitting your invoices for payment

Finding Open Invoices

During the American Express vendor enrollment process, your Amex-accepting vendors were set in MineralTree with American Express as their default payment method. To pay these vendors,  click into the Invoices tab.  

From there, you should click on Advanced Search. 


Because all open bills are in the invoices tab, you need to narrow the open bills down by those who have American Express as their default payment method so you can pay them. Once in Advanced Search, click on the Default Payment Type drop down and select "Credit Card."


The bills that appear are only for vendors that will accept American Express.


Submitting Your Invoices For Payment

Once your bills are sorted, you can easily pay them. Click on the check boxes and then the green arrow to move them to the payments queue.


The payments will move over to the payments queue to the right. Once there, you can set the date for payment. If you leave the date as "Not Set" it will process the Amex payment once the payment is authorized by your payment authorizer (if applicable). Then click the green "Confirm Payment(s)" button. 


The next screen gives you an additional opportunity to check the date and card. You can also add notes for the Payment Authorizer. Click Submit Payments and your payments will be submitted for approval from your Payment Authorizer (if applicable). 



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