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Summary: This article reviews commonly asked questions regarding making tokenized payments with American Express through MineralTree.

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What if my vendor doesn't swipe the card?

Your vendor will be sent reminder emails every three days until they swipe the card. If they don't swipe before it expires (30 days) then you will need to void the payment which will reopen the invoice. From here you can resubmit the payment.

Where can I get more information on the payment status?

MineralTree has an American Express report that you can access under the Reports tab. This report shows you the statuses of your AMEX payments including when your vendor was sent the payment, reminder emails, and if/when the payment was swiped. 

What if my vendor doesn't swipe for the whole amount? 

Sometimes the vendor only swipes for part of the amount that you authorized. This most commonly happens when payments for multiple invoices are grouped into one lump sum. If your vendor requires one payment per invoice, disable payment grouping for that vendor.

If your vendor swipes for only part of the amount you issued, take the following steps:

1. Void the payment in MineralTree

2. Issue a manual card payment on the invoice for the amount that your vendor has processed. See this article for more information on how to make a manual payment. Be sure to select "Manual Card" as your payment type. 

3. Issue a credit card payment for the remaining amount. 

What do payments look like on my Amex statement?

The payments will look like regular charges on your card, and will appear on your statement when your vendor processes the token.

What do I do if I get a new Amex card?

  • If the card was compromised due to fraudulent activity and American Express issues you a new one, you do not need to modify anything in MineralTree.
  • If you need to replace an existing card with a brand new one, please contact MineralTree Support with your card details including your name, zip code, card number, and card expiration date.
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