How to Authorize a Payment


Audience: Payment Authorizer

Summary: This article reviews how a Payment Authorizer would go about authorizing payments that have been submitted by an Accounting Manager.

The Dashboard

When you log into MineralTree, you'll land on the Dashboard page. On the right hand side, you can see all of the payments that are Awaiting your approval. You can click into them individually there, or to have the ability to approve them all at once, click on the Payments tab.


The Payments Tab

Once you click into the Payments tab, you'll see all of the payments you need to authorize, the amount, due date, payment date, account they will be paid from, and the payment type. You can elect to approve all payments or individual payments from that screen by clicking on the corresponding button. If you want to get more information on an invoice, click into the vendor. 


When you click into the vendor, you have a lot more information regarding the invoice. You can even change the payment date from this screen by clicking into the Payment Date field and selecting a different date. 


Scrolling down further on this page, you can even look at the invoice document and view more detailed information on this particular invoice. 


From here, you have the option to Approve, Hold, or Reject a payment. 

Reject a Payment

If you reject a payment, you'll have the option to add a reason and a note, and the payment along with the note will go back to your Accounting Manager for action. They will have to make those necessary changes, and resubmit it before it will come back to you for authorization. 


Hold a Payment

If you hold a payment, you'll have the option to add a reason and a note, and you'll have the chance to take action on it at a later time. It will not go back to your Accounting Manager, but it will alert them that the payment has been put on hold. 


Approve a Payment

Approve a payment by clicking the Approve button. 


Once you approve a payment, you'll have to proceed to the confirmation screen for a final confirmation of the approval.


When you submit this final confirmation, you may be prompted to enter a two-factor confirmation number or security code into the dialogue box for security purposes.


Once you complete this, you will see your dashboard is updated and the payment is no longer "Awaiting" but now reads as "Scheduled."



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