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Summary: This article explains how to view all of the invoices that are currently awaiting approval by your invoice approvers. Additionally, you can download a report that allows you to see all invoices and approvers in one view. 

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How To View Pending Invoices in the Invoices tab

To view invoices currently pending approval, you can see a yellow icon next to an individual invoice under the Invoices tab. To view them all on this tab, you can perform an advanced search and sort by that filter. To see who needs to approve the invoice, however, you need to click into that line item. If you have hundreds of invoices to work through, this process can be very time-consuming. If that is the case, it's more expedient to download the Pending Invoice Approvals report and sort it by invoice approver or due date. 


View Pending Invoices by Approver

Navigate to Reports on the MineralTree and select the Pending Invoice Approvals report. 


Once you select that report, Click the Generate Report button and it will show you all of your invoices pending approval including the Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Amount Due, Due Date, and the email address of your Pending Approver. 


Press the Download button to download the CSV so you can easily sort by these columns. 


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