Read-Only Access


Audience: MineralTree Administrators

Summary: This article explains how to create an accounting manager user with read-only access. This is especially useful for auditors or anyone who needs to log in to MineralTree to view information and settings without making any modifications or changes.

This article includes:

What is a Read-Only Accounting Manager?

Read-Only Accounting Managers can see anything a normal accounting manager can see but cannot make any changes to that information. This includes:

  • Connected MineralTree accounts
  • Documents captured in MineralTree
  • Invoices created, pending, and paid in MineralTree
  • Vendor details
  • Invoice approval rules

They cannot see:

  • Bank cash balance 
  • Actions taken on payments made including:
    • Void
    • Add to Queue
    • Add a Note
    • Resync
  • Buttons or links that would normally allow a change to be made (e.g. Save, Add, Edit, Delete, Create etc)

How to create a read-only user

Only MineralTree Administrators can create a Read-Only Accounting Manager. An admin can create the user like they would any other user except they would select "Read-Only AM" as the user type. Read-only Accounting Managers can also be invoice approvers by checking the "Invoice Approver" box under the role drop-down menu. This would allow this user to also approve and reject (and potentially create/edit) invoices. Currently, that is the only other role that can be combined with Read-Only Accounting Manager. 



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