SilverPay Setup


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Summary:SilverPay setup consists of three main steps and is handled almost entirely by our in house Payments team. The setup happens in conjunction with your implementation.

The Three Steps


As your implementation begins, part of the process is to complete a payment application. Our Payments team uses the information from the application to approve your company for both our in-house ACH as well as SilverPay. SilverPay requires a separate application per legal entity.


After your sync completes, the MineralTree team will begin reaching out to your suppliers on your behalf to inquire about their credit card acceptance policy. There is no secure information being exchanged, no setup, and no selling involved. It is a fact-finding mission to determine if SilverPay will work with your supplier’s current AR processes.


While enrollment is the human process of collecting supplier information, enablement is the technical step of onboarding vendors for SilverPay within the MineralTree platform and setting it as the default payment method. Only suppliers who have been enrolled will be enabled. 

What do I have to do? 

In short, there are only a couple of things we need from you:

  1. Ensure your vendor information (Address, phone, email) is correct in your ERP.
  2. Fill out an application (this is usually done during implementation).

Leave the rest up to us! 



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