Invoice approval


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews the invoice approval process including how to create an invoice approval rule and how to send an invoice to an Invoice Approver

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Overview of invoice approval

The Invoice Approval option allows the Account Manager to request approval of an Invoice, before submitting a payment.

When an Accounting Manager requests Invoice approval, they are prompted to enter the email address of a specific approver that they want to send the invoice to. This is used primarily for the Accounting Manager to double check the validity of any invoice with the particular department/manager that is responsible for it. These approvals are sent via email to a specific person and can be approved either by logging in, or through a link in their email

For an in-depth understanding of the configuration options and tiers, review this article

Create an invoice approval rule

Accounting Managers can create invoice approval rules by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Company Profile by clicking your initials on the top right of the navigation bar. 

2. Click on the Invoice Approval Rules tab

3. Click the Add New Approval Rule button. 


4. Select the attribute you want to make the rule for. Available options include:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Class
  • Vendor
  • Account

Where multiple rules apply, the approval rule will be chosen according to the order above. 

5. Start typing in the attribute name (e.g. "Amazon" for a vendor) and select it from the dropdown menu. 

6. Click the magnifying glass.


7. Fill in the information for the invoice approver. If the invoice approver is already in the system, their name will populate and you can press Save.  If not, you can add their email address and select Add A New Approver.


8. From there, you will be prompted to add the new Invoice Approver's first and last name. When doing this, be sure to click Add before clicking Save. 


Send an invoice to an Invoice Approver

If you want to send an invoice to an approver from the invoice itself, you can add the approver at the bottom of the invoice screen under the Invoice Approval Routing tab. Once you add the person and press Create or Save, the invoice will be routed to the person. 



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