Invoice creation


Audience: Accounting Manager and Invoice Approver (if enabled)

Summary: Reviews the different methods in which an invoice can be created within MineralTree.

This article covers the following topics:

Regardless of the method used to create an invoice, invoices sync between MineralTree and the accounting system.

Uploading an invoice to MineralTree

There are a couple ways to upload invoices to MineralTree. Note that each document is limited to 20MB or less.

Emailing an invoice: Every MineralTree company has a unique email address for uploading invoice documents. When someone (e.g. a vendor or Accounting Manager) sends a document to this email address, it will automatically upload into the Inbox of the MineralTree platform for Accounting Managers to process. Accounting Managers can find this unique email address by navigating to Company Profile by clicking your initials on the top right of the navigation bar.. The email address is viewable on the settings tab of the Company Profile screen. If you use this option, you should not send the invoice in using the BCC function on your email. 


Manually uploading an invoiceInvoices can be uploaded directly into the MineralTree Inbox by clicking into the Inbox and clicking the Upload button. 


Document Requirements

There are restrictions on what files can be sent into MineralTree via email to  Please keep these in mind and review these factors if a document you submitted does not reach your inbox.

  • Total file size per email: The sum of files submitted per email can be no greater than 50 MB 
  • Individual file size: Individual attached files can be no greater than 20MB.
  • Filename length: A filename may not exceed 128 characters including its file extension. For example, the PDF file “invoice” has a total length of 11 characters (Add seven characters for “invoice” plus four characters for “.pdf”).
  • All document types, with the exception of image files (.png, .jpg, .jpeg) and text (.txt) files created from the bodies of emails

Note: If using bulkdocs, the bulkdocs inbox cannot process emails containing documents totaling more than 25MB. The limit of 20MB per individual document still applies.

Automated Data Capture

Automated data capture eliminates the majority of data entry associated with invoice creation. When enabled, invoice data associated with documents that are loaded into MineralTree is returned approximately 24 hours after the document is uploaded. Returned data includes header level information such as Vendor Name, Invoice Number, and Invoice Amount. Optionally, line level data is also available. 

Users can override the capture process at any time by electing to manually enter the data or attach the document to invoice data that already exists.

Invoices created via the automated data capture process are saved in a draft status, and must be reviewed by users for completeness before they are posted to the accounting system. These invoices are available in both the Inbox and on the Invoices tab. Once an invoice has been posted to the accounting system, the invoice is available for payment.

Manual entry in MineralTree

Manual invoice entry within MineralTree mirrors the process in the accounting system, but allows the customer to complete the entire invoice-to-pay workflow in one system. Invoices are created in the Inbox, and can be created with or without an associated document.


Invoices created within MineralTree are initially saved in a draft status. Once posted to the accounting system, invoices are available for payment.

Manual entry within your accounting package

Invoices entered into the accounting system sync to MineralTree as unpaid invoices and are available for immediate payment.


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