Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Guide


Payment Accounts
Accounts of type “Bank” and “Credit Card” sync to MineralTree as potential payment accounts. 

Vendors must be created in D365, and all active vendors will sync into MineralTree.  Edits to vendor master data such as address and phone number will sync into D365.

The following fields are available and will sync between MineralTree and D365:

  • Name
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Tax ID
  • Terms
  • Default payment method


Creating invoices in D365:
Invoices (bills) created in D365 will sync to MT. 

Creating invoices in D365:
Users can enter new invoices with or without an associated document. At the line-level, both expenses and items are supported.

Invoices created in MineralTree will sync to D365 as posted bills, and the Invoice Number field in D365 will be automatically incremented.  The Invoice Number from MineralTree will sync to the Vendor Invoice Number field in D365.


All payments made in MineralTree will sync to D365 with a check number. The relevant bills will be marked as paid.

All payments made in D365 sync to MineralTree as “Paid in accounting system.” The check numbers for these payments are not available in MineralTree.

Any credits applied in D365 sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices.

The standard terms (due dates and discount dates that are functions of the invoice/bill date) that are supported in D365 are also supported in MineralTree and will sync from D365 to MineralTree and vice versa.


Documents attached to records in D365 do not sync to MineralTree, and documents attached to records in MineralTree do not sync to D365.

MineralTree offers an unlimited amount of document storage, so users may attach an unlimited number of supporting documents to any invoice record in MineralTree. 

Supported Invoice Fields

Header Level:

Vendor Name*
Invoice # (Vendor Invoice Number in D365)
Invoice Date* (Transaction Date in D365)
Due Date*
Invoice Amount*
AP Account*

Expense Line Level:


Item Line Level:

Cost Per*

*Required for posting in MineralTree.

Invoice Approval

Invoices can be routed for approval from the invoice details page or automatically based on vendor or invoice expense line coding. When default invoice approvers are set up for vendors, the following hierarchy is used to decide who receives the approval request: Vendor > Account.

Purchase Order Matching

MineralTree has automatic PO matching for D365.  Purchase Orders are created in D365, and invoices are created in MineralTree.

Please see this article for details on Automated PO matching.

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