Set vendor preference for line item or expense


Audience: Accounting Manager 

Summary: This article reviews how to configure both line-items and/or expense lines on vendor invoices within MineralTree. 

MineralTree allows users to control which line type is created by default during invoice capture.  A company-level preference (line-item or expense) is defined during initial onboarding, and Accounting Managers have the ability to set a preference for individual vendors.

To set a preference for a specific vendor, navigate to the Vendor Details page, and scroll down to "Default Invoice Preferences." From there you can configure your line vs expense preferences for that particular vendor. 

Screen_Shot_2019-03-29_at_11.55.07_AM.pngUsers can keep the company level default, or override it, and choose whether to default to expenses or line-items for all invoices coded to a particular vendor.  Regardless of this setting, users can always create expenses and/or line-items on any specific invoice.

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