Sage 100 initial setup


Audience: ERP Admin

Summary: Reviews how to sync Sage 100 to MineralTree including connector installation and configuration. 

Install and setup prerequisites

  1. Access to the Sage server
  2. A Windows user with privileges to create Windows scheduled tasks on the server (usually an Admin user)
  3. A Sage user with access to Role Maintenance
  4. This user account will be the sync user for the Sage 100 integration
  5. All AP and PO data entry must be complete and posted prior to beginning the initial sync.

Install the connector

  1. Download the executable file.
  2. Launch the .exe and follow steps in the installer. No inputs/changes are required while running through the steps of the Installer.
  3. Finish installation.

Set up Security Roles

Upon first installing the connector, you must assign new security roles for MineralTree.

  1. Go to the Role Maintenance task in Sage 100
  2. Navigate to the MineralTree Options task
  3. Grant Modify and View permissions to the role that will be establishing the Sage 100-MineralTree connection.

Configure Setup Options

Navigate to Accounts Payable > Setup Options > MineralTree Options 


In the Credentials section, enter your MineralTree API user credentials as well as the MT URL endpoint (which must include /mtapi).

Enter the Company Name exactly as it is in MineralTree. 

Task Scheduler

In the Task Scheduler section, enter Sage user login credentials.

Enter the Windows Admin user in order to be able to create the Windows scheduled tasks. 

Schedule Tasks

In the Schedule Tasks section, you have the option to schedule intervals for the Windows tasks that define the bidirectional sync between Sage 100 and MT. You may come back to this Setup Options screen and set/change task intervals at any time after the initial sync completes.

The Auto Update Data Entry option applies to companies which have batch entry turned on in Sage 100 -- the setting for this option is ignored if the company does not have batch entry turned on. 

Multiple Company Support

Each Sage 100 company will sync to a separate MineralTree company.

Fill out the MineralTree Options form separately for each Sage 100 company. You may use the same API user in each Sage company's MineralTree Options setup dialog. 


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