Caliber Integration Guide


Sync Prerequisites 

An API User must be created in Caliber. Each Caliber company will sync with one MineralTree company.  Please see the Creating an API User and API Code article for more detail on setting up the sync between MineralTree and Caliber.

Data Sync: Support and Limitations

Supported Invoice Fields

Header Level: 

  • Vendor Name*
  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Invoice Amount*
  • Terms
  • Description
  • Class ('Cost Center' in Caliber)

Expense Level (multiple lines can be added): 

  • Account ('Expense GL Account' in Caliber)*
  • Amount*
  • Class (Cost Center' in Caliber)
  • Description

    *  Required for posting to Caliber from MineralTree.


Vendors must always be created in Caliber, and cannot be created in MineralTree. Only active vendors will sync from Caliber to MineralTree.

The following vendor fields will sync between MineralTree and Caliber:

Vendor Details

  • Vendor Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address LIne 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Contact Email
  • Tax ID

Payment Preferences

  • ACH:
    • Bank Routing Number
    • Bank Account Number


All payments made in MineralTree will sync to Caliber with a payment number. The relevant bills will be marked as paid.

All payments made in Caliber sync to MineralTree as “Paid in accounting system.” The check #s for these payments are not available in MineralTree. 

Credits and Discounts

All discounts and credits must be applied in Caliber. Once applied, the remaining balance of the invoices they are applied to will be correctly updated. Applied discounts do not appear on the remittance, but applied credits do appear on the remittance. Any credits applied in Caliber sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices.

Deletes and Voids 

Deletes and Voids must be done in both Caliber and MineralTree, and will not sync between the two systems.



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