Add an American Express Credit Card to MineralTree


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Summary: Reviews how to add an American Express credit card to MineralTree in order to begin making secure tokenized payments. 

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Prior to setting up an American Express card with MineralTree, you should be sure to add the card in your accounting package. The MineralTree best practice is for your card to have its own GL account within your accounting package.

The Manual Card option allows for the marking of payments that were made outside of MineralTree.  Please see this Knowledgebase article on Manual Payments.

Amex Card Enrollment in MineralTree

  1. Login to MineralTree and navigate to Company Profile by clicking your initials on the top right of the navigation bar. 
  2. Go to the Manage Accounts tab, and scroll down to the Card Account section
  3. Click Edit on the righthand side and select Enable for Amex if it is not already selected. Click the Enroll Amex link. 
  4. You will then be asked if you would like to enroll your card or someone else's card. 
  5. If you are enrolling your own card, you will be prompted to enter your Amex User ID and password to complete enrollment.
    • Enrollment is complete. Your card will now be available for use in MineralTree.
  6. If you are enrolling someone else's card, you will be prompted to put in the card number twice. 
    • Once you press Submit the card owner will receive an email asking them to continue card enrollment. They should follow the instructions below. 
      • Navigate to the Amex B2B Payments Card Enrollment portal per the email from American ExpressScreen_Shot_2019-08-28_at_8.44.58_AM.png
      • Continue enrolling the card per the prompts. Agree to the Terms of Service and Continue. 
      • Enrollment is complete. Your card will now be available for use in MineralTree.Screen_Shot_2019-08-28_at_8.48.23_AM.png


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