Add an American Express Credit Card to MineralTree


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Summary: Reviews how to add an American Express credit card to MineralTree in order to begin making secure tokenized payments. 

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Prior to setting up an American Express card with MineralTree, you should be sure to add the card in your accounting package. The MineralTree best practice is for your card to have its own GL account within your accounting package.

The Manual Card option allows for the marking of payments that were made outside of MineralTree.  Please see this Knowledgebase article on Manual Payments.

Amex account validation in MineralTree

  1. Login to MineralTree and go to Settings > Company Profile
  2. Go to the Manage Accounts tab, and scroll down to the Card Account section
  3. Click Edit on the righthand side
  4. Check the Enable for AmEx checkbox. If this is not an option, contact MineralTree support, who can enable this for you.
  5. Click Manage Card Details
  6. Enter your card information and Save.
  7. The account activation will be pending until Card Enrollment is complete.

American Express Card Enrollment

To complete enrollment with your American Express card, you will need your com user ID and password. If you haven't registered with, you must do that first. Please note, this is not the same as the AtWork platform. If you only have AtWork credentials, you must enroll with separately.

  1. Cardholder will receive an email from American Express for enrollment
  2. Select the eligible card
  3. Verify the card information

  4. Review and agree to terms and conditions

  5. Card enrollment complete

  6. Card account is available in MineralTree for utilization


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