On Hold Invoices


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews the behavior of On Hold invoices and how to change their status. 

MineralTree allows for invoices to be marked "On Hold", which will prevent these invoices from being selected for payment or paid until the On Hold status is removed.

Behavior of On Hold invoices

On the Invoices tab, you can hover over the triangle to see that the invoice is on hold. Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_4.53.32_PM.png

Additionally, the On Hold status of a bill is displayed on the Invoice Details page, visible to Accounting Managers users prior to submitting an invoice for payment. 


In most accounting packages, the On Hold status is only present within MineralTree. The exceptions are NetSuite and Intacct. In those, MineralTree will bidirectionally sync the On Hold status of invoices between MineralTree and the accounting package. In NetSuite, invoices which are "Rejected Approval" or "Pending Approval" do not sync to MineralTree from NetSuite at all until those statuses have been resolved in NetSuite.

On Hold status is not applicable to Draft invoices, and can only be managed on Unpaid invoices.

Modify the On Hold status

On Hold status is managed by Accounting Manager users on the Invoice Details page of unpaid invoices.  This can be accessed via the Review function, or by clicking on the invoice number.

The On Hold function is a dropdown menu option below the Pay button on the top right of the invoice details screen.



If the Pay option is selected from the Invoice Details screen of an On Hold invoice currently displaying the On Hold alert, this will also remove the On Hold status and allow payment of the invoice.

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