NetSuite: Generate an Access Token


Audience:  ERP Admin

Summary: Reviews how to generate a NetSuite access token and token secret in order to begin synching with MineralTree for the first time. 

The access token and token secret

MineralTree's connector utilizes NetSuite's preferred token-based authentication method to integrate with NetSuite.  To set up the sync, users will need to log into NetSuite as an Administrator and generate a new access token following these steps:

1. Navigate to Home > Settings. Settings is on the bottom left of the dashboard when you scroll all the way down.

2. Click on Manage Access Tokens.

=> (IMPORTANT - Do not create under "Access Tokens,"  it must be under "My Access Token") <=


3. Click on New My Access Token.


4. Select the MineralTree application in the "Application Name" field, and click Save. 


5. Note the newly generated Token ID and Token Secret. You will need to enter this information into your MineralTree application in order to initiate the first sync. Please note that the person who enters these tokens into MineralTree must remain an Accounting Manager in the system. 


Note: If you had a Token ID and Token Secret previously, you will have to revoke them in NetSuite.

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