Expanded Dimensions for NetSuite: Custom Fields & Custom Segments


MineralTree supports both custom fields and custom segments, collectively called expanded dimensions, for NetSuite, on both invoices and purchase orders.  When syncing with MineralTree for the first time, all custom fields and segments available on invoices and/or PO forms in NetSuite will be synced over to MineralTree.  To bring over newly added custom fields, an upgrade sync is necessary, so users will need to contact MineralTree support.

The settings for expanded dimensions are in the Company Profile in NetSuite MineralTree: Settings > Company Profile > Expanded Dimensions.


Expanded dimensions can be made visible, and can additionally be made mandatory, by checking the appropriate boxes on the company profile page.  The top checkbox controls visibility, and the bottom checkbox controls whether it is marked mandatory in MineralTree.

Once selected, these fields will be available to view on purchase orders, and to view and edit on the invoice details page.  If the custom field/segment is a dropdown list, the list of possible values will sync over from NS in the next sync cycle (about 15 mins).


Values for custom fields and segments will sync between MineralTree and NetSuite. Custom fields and segments that are mandatory in NetSuite should also be marked mandatory in MineralTree to minimize errors with the sync.

For customers already using MineralTree prior to the addition of expanded dimensions support, please note that these fields will only be visible on bills modified after the dimension has been added via the company profile page.


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