Unable to Edit Invoice Fields


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews why some invoice fields may not be editable due to a vendor mismatch with your accounting package. 

If you are working with a Draft invoice, and the usual fields (AP Account, Department, Class, Location) are grayed out, this is because Invoice Capture was unable to find this Vendor's Profile in MineralTree. This can happen for two reasons:

The Vendor is not in your Accounting system. The only vendors that receive profiles in MineralTree are the vendors that exist in your ERP. If it doesn't have a profile, it will not be able to populate fields from a Vendor Profile.

The Vendor is a New Vendor.The first time an invoice captures for a new vendor, it will capture it character for character from the invoice document. If that differs from what is in your ERP, then it will not link. (e.g. if your ERP says "Mister Vendor" and your invoice says "Mr. Vendor" the vendor name will not link to a Vendor Profile to pull the Invoice Preferences. Once you link it manually, the system is smart enough to do this the next time and pull from the correct Vendor Profile moving forward. 

This is the type of error you will see in either of these above scenarios:


When you check the Invoices tab, the vendors should be hyperlinked to the vendor details page. If it's just plain text, this confirms that the vendor didn't link to an existing profile. 


To connect to an existing Vendor Profile:

  1. Edit the invoice.
  2. Click into the vendor field and delete the vendor name.
  3. Enter the first few letters of the name in the same field.
  4. The system will prompt you with the correct name.
  5. Once you select this, all the usual fields will populate and become editable.


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