Update Existing MineralTree NetSuite Connector with MineralTree Integration Bundle


Later this year, NetSuite are discontinuing older versions of their SuiteTalk API.  To avoid losing connectivity with NetSuite and continue benefiting from MineralTree connector updates, users will need to install the MineralTree Bundle within NetSuite and reauthenticate from within the MineralTree application.  

This five-minute process can be done by a NetSuite administrator in just a few easy steps:

1. If you have previously installed the "Mineraltree WebService Role" bundle (ID: 231777), then it will need to be uninstalled by navigating to the "Installed Bundles" page and selecting "uninstall" next to the bundle name.  This bundle is now redundant, as our updated NS bundle contains the same custom role (see below).

2. Log in to NetSuite and navigate to Customization>SuiteBundler>Search & Install Bundles, or just search for “Search & Install Bundles.” You may need administrator privileges to access this page.

3. Search for and install the MineralTree bundle called "MineralTree Integration Bundle" (bundle ID “203444”).

4. Ensure that token-based authentication is enabled by navigating to Setup>Company>Enable Features>SuiteCloud and checking "TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATION" under "Manage Authentication." 



5. Login to the MineralTree Accounting Manager application and navigate to Settings>Company Profile. Click “Disconnect from NetSuite.”

 6. Click the NetSuite icon in the top-righthand corner to reauthenticate with NetSuite. Enter the NetSuite admin credentials originally used to connect MineralTree with NetSuite and click “Submit.”  








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