Add a Credit Card account in NetSuite


Audience: ERP Admin and Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to add a credit card to NetSuite in order to use it as a payment method in MineralTree.

Overview of credit cards in MineralTree

There are two types of credit card payments in MineralTree. 

Credit Card -a secure tokenized credit card payment (please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to see if your credit card is enabled for tokenized payments)

Manual Card - attach your Visa or MasterCard to MineralTree for record-keeping purposes. Manual payments use the same steps and approval workflow as standard payments, though MineralTree does not send manual payments out. 

Add a credit card in NetSuite

In order to activate a non-SilverPay credit card in MineralTree, it must first be set up as a credit card account in NetSuite. 

To do this, navigate to Lists > Accounting > Accounts > New

Then enter the credit card information and save. Be sure to select Credit Card as the "Type" in NetSuite. 

In this example, the account number is in the format of a full credit card number, but that is not necessary for success and any normal account number that will fit with your Chart of Accounts structure will suffice.  

Please note: Subaccounts must have the same type as accounts, so a Credit Card account cannot be the subaccount of a Bank account.  

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