How to Add Default Invoice Approver Rules



Invoice Approval Requests can be be sent automatically based on various invoice attributes such as the Vendor, Location, or Class*. 

To setup automated rules for other dimensions such as Class, Department, etc., go to:

  • SETTINGS -> Company Profile -> Invoice Approval Rules (tab).
  • Click “Add New Approval Rule”
  • select the dimension type (e.g, Vendor, Location, etc)
  • Search for the specific vendor, location, etc. you would like to create the rule for
  • Enter the invoice approver's email address in the subsequent prompt
  • Save




1. Click on add New Rule

2. Select the attribute you want to search by:



3. Enter in the name of Vendor, Location, Department, or Class (if you are using NetSuite):


4. Enter the email address of the Invoice in the appropriate tier:


5. Click Save.

6. Success!

Default Invoice Approval requests can go out to the approver when the invoice record is created, or when the invoice is first Reviewed/Saved by an Accounting Manager.
If you have a preference, you can request support update this configuration.


 *the attributes available depend on the accounting package you use.


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