Using Advanced Search


Audience: Accounting Manager or Payment Authorizer

Summary: Reviews how to use the "Advanced Search" functionality to filter invoices, payments, vendors, credits, and alerts. 

Accessing Advanced Search

Access Advanced Search via the Search tab (in both the Accounting Manager and Payment Authorizer applications) or the Invoices tab in the Accounting Manager application. 

Invoices tab Advanced Search: 


On the Accounting Manager application Invoices tab, users may filter the list of invoices via the following criteria: 

  • Vendor name 
  • Invoice date range
  • Invoice due date range
  • Invoice amount range
  • Invoice remaining amount range
  • Invoice status (Unpaid, Partially Paid, Draft, Awaiting Sync, Closed by Credit)
  • Invoice approval status (Awaiting, Approved, Rejected, Not Sent)
  • Default payment type
  • Invoices flagged as duplicates
  • Sync failures
  • Purchase order number (if supported)
  • Purchase order status (if supported)
  • Discount applied (NetSuite)

Filters specific to a user's accounting package (i.e. specific coding dimensions) are also available.

Users may apply several filters at once to further pare down the results list. 


Filters applied on the Accounting Manager application | Invoices tab will persist within a user's login session such that the user need not re-apply filters within the same login session.

Users may remove or edit filters at any point during their login session.



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