Accounting Period Configuration for Netsuite


Audience: Accounting Manager and MineralTree Administrator

Summary: This article reviews how to configure accounting periods within MineralTree to avoid synchronization errors. 

Within MineralTree's Administrator Application (Settings > Manage Company Settings) there are default settings which dictate to which accounting period invoices sync to Netsuite.

Under the Settings tab's Default Invoice Preferences there is a dropdown for Default Posting Period. The choices are None, Current Posting Period, and First Open Period.

None means MineralTree will post to whichever period is chosen on the invoice. If no posting period is chosen we'll post to whichever posting period the invoice date falls into.

Current Posting Period means MineralTree will post to the current open period in Netsuite.

First Open Period means MineralTree will post to the first open period in Netsuite. This is useful if the invoice date falls into a closed period.


There is also an option to allow transaction dates outside of the posting period. By default, most select to "Allow" this as not allowing it can cause errors if there is a discrepancy between the period the invoice falls in and the posting period selected.  




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