Batch Review of Invoices


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to review a selection of invoices at a single time instead of one by one. 

MineralTree offers the functionality to batch review a selection of invoices. Users can select multiple invoices from the Invoices tab to review page-by-page without being returned to the Invoices list between viewing each invoice.

Click "Review" from the Post/Pay dropdown menu. 


All invoices in the list will be available for selection. Select a batch of invoices to review and click the green arrow button to begin the review process.


The Invoice Details page of the first invoice in the selection will appear. Upon making any necessary changes to the invoice and clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Pay,’ you will automatically be navigated to the next invoice in the selection. When the last invoice in the selection has been reviewed, you will be returned to the Invoices list.

You can also use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ arrows to navigate between invoices in the selection.


 At any point in the review process, you can return to the Invoice list by clicking the ‘Return’ button as before.

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