QuickBooks Desktop Integration Guide


Version Compatibility
MineralTree is compatible with QuickBook Desktop Accountant, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise up to the 2018 version.  Please see this article for more compatibility information.

MineralTree QuickBooks Connector
Syncing MineralTree and QuickBooks requires the installation of a Connector program at the same location as the QBD company file.  In most circumstances, this is a user's profile on their own workstation, or on a shared server accessed by a remote desktop.

The sync between QBD and MineralTree runs approximately every 7 minutes.  The connector program will show a status of "synchronizing" while data is being transmitted, and "connected to server" when the sync cycle has completed.  During the "synchronizing" phase, users in the MineralTree application may see a status of "Not Connected" at the top of the page; this will show "Connected" as soon as the cycle has completed.

Payment Accounts
Accounts of type “Bank” and “Credit Card” sync to MineralTree as potential payment accounts.  Different addresses can be maintained for the different accounts.

Vendors must be created in QuickBooks, and all active vendors will sync into MineralTree.  Edits to vendor master data such as address and phone number will sync into QuickBooks. For more information on the available fields on the vendor record, and what will sync to QBD, see this article.

Creating invoices in QuickBooks:
Invoices (bills) created in QBD will sync to MT. 

Creating invoices in QuickBooks:
Users can enter new invoices with or without an associated document. At the line-level, both expenses and items are supported. Dropdown selections are populated with values from QBD.  Invoices created in MineralTree will sync to QBD as “Open” bills.

The standard terms (due dates and discount dates that are functions of the invoice/bill date) that are supported in QBD are also supported in MineralTree and will sync from QBD to MineralTree and vice versa.

Documents attached to records in QBD do not sync to MineralTree, and documents attached to records in MineralTree do not sync to QBD. However, MineralTree offers an unlimited amount of document storage, so users may attach an unlimited number of supporting documents to any invoice record in MineralTree. 

Supported Invoice Fields
Header Level:

Vendor Name*
Invoice #
Invoice Date*
Due Date*
Invoice Amount*
AP Account*

Expense Line Level:


Item Line Level:

Cost Per*

*Required for posting in MineralTree.

Invoice Approval
Invoices can be routed for approval from the invoice details page or automatically based on class or vendor coding. When default invoice approvers are set up for classes and vendors, the following hierarchy is used to decide who receives the approval request: Vendor > Class.

Deletion and Void Sync Behavior
Deletes/voids do not sync between MineralTree and QBD, and the action must be taken in each system to maintain reconciliation.

Credits and Discounts
All discounts and credits must be applied in QBD. Once applied, the remaining balance of the invoices they are applied to will be correctly updated. Applied discounts do not appear on the remittance, but applied credits do appear on the remittance. Any credits applied in QBD sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices. For more information on applying credits in QBD to reflect correctly in MineralTree, see this article.

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