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MineralTree is an accounts payable and payment automation service.  It integrates with Great Plains through a "connector" application that is installed as a Windows Service on the GP server (i.e. the same machine on which the GP application is installed).  Info pertaining to outstanding vendor bills in GP is brought over to the MineralTree website, and then you're able to log in and pay your bills online. 

From a technical perspective, we get info from GP by querying the GP SQL database directly (using credentials you plug in at the time of installation), and we push info back to GP via Payables Batches in GP created by eConnect. 

Sync Prerequisites

MineralTree currently supports GP versions 2013-2016, with support for version 2018 coming soon.  More information on supported versions is available here.

MineralTree uses the Microsoft eConnect service to post payment batches, so eConnect must be installed prior to beginning implementation of MineralTree.  Please find the Microsoft eConnect API documentation here

Payment Accounts

Accounts of type “Bank” and “Credit Card” sync to MineralTree as potential payment accounts. Because subsidiary relationships are retained within MineralTree, only bank accounts belonging to the relevant subsidiaries sync over. Different addresses can be maintained for the different accounts.

GL Account Balance

For GP customers we sync the "Current Checkbook Balance" available in GP as the General Ledger Cash on the Dashboard.  See this article for more detail.



Active vendors will sync to MineralTree and be available for viewing, editing, and invoice creation. Vendors must be originally created in GP, and changes after that point will sync bidirectionally.


Creating invoices in GP:

Invoices (bills) created in GP will sync to MT. 

Creating invoices in MineralTree:

Users can enter new invoices with or without an associated document. At the line-level, both expenses and items (only for POs) are supported.

Dropdown selections are populated with values from GP.

Invoices created in MineralTree will sync to GP as “Open” bills.


The standard terms (due dates and discount dates that are functions of the invoice/bill date) that are supported in GP are also supported in MineralTree and will sync from GP to MineralTree and vice versa.


Documents attached to records in GP do not sync to MineralTree. However, MineralTree offers an unlimited amount of document storage, so users may attach an unlimited number of supporting documents to any invoice record in MineralTree.

Supported Invoice Fields

Header Level:

  • PO#
  • Vendor Name*
  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Date*
  • Due Date*
  • Invoice Amount*
  • Terms
  • AP Account
  • Memo

Expense Level:

  • Account*
  • Amount*
  • Account Type
  • Description

Item Level (PO Items Only):

  • Item*
  • Quantity*
  • Cost Per*
  • Amount*
  • PO#
  • Description 

*Required for posting in MineralTree.

Invoice Approval

Invoices can be routed for approval from the invoice details page or automatically based on vendor.


All payments made in MineralTree will sync to GP with a document/check number, in an unposted batch to be reviewed and posted. The relevant bills will be marked as paid following posting.

  • Check payments are recorded with a check number in the document/check number field.
  • ACH payments are recorded with “SPACH#” in the document number field.
  • “Manual Check” payments are recorded with the check number assigned in the Accounting Manager in the check number field.
  • “Manual Card”, and “Biller Portal” payments have “MCrd#” and “BP#” in the check number field respectively.

All payments made in GP sync to MineralTree as “Paid in accounting system.” The check numbers for these payments are not available in MineralTree.

Any credits applied in GP sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (PO’s) must be created in GP, but the PO matching process can be handled in MineralTree. Open purchase orders will sync over from GP to MineralTree and be available for matching to invoices. After PO’s are matched to the appropriate invoice, they may be posted to GP.

Please see the Purchase Order Matching article for further details on how the matched invoice and PO sync over to GP.

Deletion and Void Sync Behavior

Deletions or voids of bills or payments must be done in both systems to maintain reconciliation.  The action of deleting or voiding will not sync back and forth between MineralTree and GP. 

Credits and Discounts

All discounts and credits must be applied in GP. Once applied, the remaining balance of the invoices they are applied to will be correctly updated. Applied discounts do not appear on the remittance, but applied credits do appear on the remittance. Any credits applied in GP sync to MineralTree as credit payments against invoices. 

See this article on the procedure for applying credits in GP.


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