Disconnect and Reconnect MineralTree to NetSuite


Audience: Accounting Manager and ERP Admin

Summary: This article reviews how to manually disconnect and reconnect MineralTree to NetSuite. If the NetSuite admin user who initiated the token for the NetSuite connection to MineralTree leaves your company, MineralTree requires a new NetSuite admin to recreate the token and resync.

Prior to disconnecting and reconnecting, you will need to generate a NetSuite access token and token secret


1.  Log into MineralTree as an Accounting Manager user.  Navigate to Company Profile by clicking your initials on the top right of the navigation bar. 

2.  On the Company Profile page, click "Disconnect from NetSuite" in the upper left corner.

3.  You will be returned to the previous screen.


1.  Click the CONNECT TO NETSUITE button in the red box in the upper right corner.

2.  Enter your NetSuite admin credentials on the next screen including your Token ID and Token Secret. 



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