NetSuite: Configure the ERP for Sync

In order to successfully connect to your NetSuite account, you must

  • Connect to NetSuite as an administrator
  • Enable SuiteTalk (Web Services)
  • Install a MineralTree bundle

Please follow these instructions to connect MineralTree to NetSuite.

Note: The following steps must be completed prior to entering your NetSuite credentials in the MineralTree setup window.

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features

2. Navigate to the "SuiteCloud" tab

3. In the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, select the box for "Soap Web Services." Accept the terms of service when prompted.


4. Log into your NetSuite account with an administrator role. Navigate to Customization > SiteBundler > Search & Install Bundle


5. Search for MineralTree

6. Select “MineralTree Integration Bundle” (Bundle ID 203444)

7. On the “Bundle Details” page, click “Install”

8. On the “Preview Bundle Install” page, click “Install Bundle”

9. You may verify the bundle is installing on the “Installed Bundles” page. The status should be Pending. Please note: the install must finish before you can begin the following steps. This usually takes several minutes to complete.NS-step6.png

10. Steps 10- 15 are only necessary if you have are using NetSuite OneWorld. Once the bundle install is done, navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates to allow syncing of vendors to MineralTree. (This update adds a hidden field to each Netsuite vendor record. This field allows us to see which subsidiaries the vendor is assigned to, beyond the primary subsidiary. This has no effect on NetSuite outside of the MineralTree sync.)


11. Select Custom Updates > Vendor > MT Vendor Subsidiary List Mass Update.

12. In the Criteria tab, search for the field “Login Access” and click “Add”, with the option 'No' selected.

13. In the Criteria tab, search for the field “Subsidiary Fields...” and select “Inactive”, with the option 'No' selected.

14. Preview the report.

15. Click Perform update to proceed further. Please note:

  • This may take a while to complete.
  • You may carry out step 16 while this step completes, but ensure this process completed BEFORE proceeding to MineralTree. Failure to do so may result in missing bills + vendors.

16. Ensure that token-based authentication is enabled by navigating to Setup>Company>Enable Features>SuiteCloud and checking "SUITESIGNON" and "TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATION" under "Manage Authentication." 


After completing the above steps, log into MineralTree. You will be prompted to enter in your NetSuite credentials.


Once you have successfully completed all these steps, MineralTree will begin able to begin syncing with NetSuite.

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