Configuring your NetSuite Company Account to Sync with MineralTree


In order to successfully connect to your NetSuite account, you must

  • Connect to NetSuite as an administrator

  • Enable SuiteTalk (Web Services)

  • Install a MineralTree bundle

Please follow these instructions to connect MineralTree to NetSuite.

Note: Steps 1-13 must be completed prior to entering your NetSuite credentials in the MineralTree setup window.

  1. Log into your NetSuite account with an administrator role. Navigate to Customization > SiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles


  1. Search for MineralTree
  2. Select “MineralTree Vendor Multi-Subsidiary” (Bundle ID 203444)


  1. On the “Bundle Details” page, click “Install”


  1. On the “Preview Bundle Install” page, click “Install Bundle”


  1. You may verify the bundle is installing on the “Installed Bundles” page. The status should be Pending


  1. Once this is done, navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates


  1. Select Custom Updates > Vendor > MT Vendor Subsidiary List Mass Update
  2. In the Results tab, search for the field “Login Access” and click “Add”
  3. Preview the report
  4. If there are any vendors listed with “Login Access” - > Yes Uncheck them in the first column
  5. Click Perform update to proceed further
  6. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable FeaturesNS-step11.png
  7. Navigate to the "SuiteCloud" tab
  8. In the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, select the box for "Web Services". Accept the terms of service when prompted.


After completing the above steps, log into MineralTree. You will be prompted to enter in your NetSuite credentials.

Once you have successfully completed all these steps, MineralTree will begin syncing with NetSuite.

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