Configuring Your Intacct Account to Sync with MineralTree


In order to successfully sync MineralTree with your Intacct account, you must: 

  • Enable Web Services
  • Enable Smart Events Logs
  • Process Bills with Selected status
  • Disable payment approval
  • Disable Account Labels 
  • Enable Duplicate Numbering

To begin, log in to your Intacct account

1. Enable Web Services

1.1 Log in to your Intacct account with an administrator role. Select Company>Subscriptions.


1.2 In the Applications available for subscription section, select Web Services.


1.3 A message will display indicating that you might incur additional charges with this          subscription. MineralTree is an Intacct Ready Partner, so Intacct will waive these fees. Please contact your Intacct Representative to ensure that you are not charged.


2. Enable Smart Events Logs

Enabling Smart Events allows the application to track item that are deleted within Intacct, so that your data always remains in sync.

2.1 From within the Accounts Payable application, select Vendors.


2.2 Select Object Definition from the Vendors page.


2.3 Select Smart Events from the Object Definition screen.


2.4 Select New Smart Event.


2.5 Select Vendor as the Owner Object, and click Next.


2.6 Select Log as the Action. Highlight Delete in the Events section and click the right arrow to move it into the box on the right side. Click Next.


2.7 In the Smart Link ID type MT_DELETE_CHECK , and click Done.


2.8 Repeat steps 2.3-2.7, selecting AP Bill as the Owner Object in step 2.5.

2.9 Repeat steps 2.3-2.7, selecting AP Term as the Owner Object in step 2.5.

2.10 Repeat steps 2.3-2.7, selecting AP Adjustment as the Owner Object in step 2.5.

2.11 Repeat steps 2.3-2.7, selecting Item as the Owner Object in step 2.5.

3. Print and Confirm any outstanding Payment Requests

Bills in the Selected status will not sync to MineralTree, and when you begin making payments in MineralTree, you will no longer use the “Select Bills to Pay” screen.

3.1 Verify that all Check and ACH have been confirmed in Intacct before starting the sync with MineralTree. 

4. Disable Account Labels 

4.1 Select Cash Management>Configure Cash Management 


4.2 Ensure that the checkbox for Account labels is unchecked.


4.3 Select Accounts Payable>Configure Accounts Payable.


4.4 Ensure that the checkbox for Enable account labels is unchecked. 


5. Disable Payment Approvals

5.1 Within Accounts Payable Setup select Configure Accounts Payable.


5.2 In the Payment approval settings section, select Disable approval


6. Enable Duplicate Numbering

6.1 Go to Accounts Payable>Configure Accounts Payable. 


6.2 Go to Document Sequencing. 

6.3 Select "Do Nothing" for "If Duplicate numbers." 


7. Return to MineralTree to establish your connection with Intacct 


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