MineralTree shows "Connected" but not synching


Audience: Accounting Manager and ERP Admin

Summary: How to disconnect from your accounting system if you notice that MineralTree appears to be connected, but your sync is not current. 

Please note: This article is only referring to cloud connectors. If you have a connector installed on your desktop or server, the sync status indicator will only show Connected if your sync is up to date.


Disconnect from your accounting system

  1. Log into MineralTree as an Accounting Manager.
  2. Navigate to Company Profile by clicking your initials on the top right of the navigation bar. 
  3. Click "Disconnect from [accounting system]"




Reconnect to your accounting system

Once you are back on the dashboard, re-connect by clicking on the Sync Status Indicator on the top right of your dashboard.





Enter your accounting system credentials based on the relevant instructions below, if prompted. 



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