Switch accounting packages


Audience: Accounting Manager and ERP Admin

Summary: Reviews the best practices for switching Accounting Packages in MineralTree

MineralTree companies are created with links to specific accounting packages, so this change will require the creation of a new company in MineralTree. 

Here is an overview of the process, with details of what data can be transferred to the new company:

1. Migrate data. The first step is to migrate data from the old accounting software to the new. This occurs outside the purview of MineralTree support.

2. Complete pending work/payments in MineralTree. During this time, the old MineralTree company will remain active. It will only be closed once your new MineralTree company is connected and active. 

3. Disconnect the old company. Once you have transferred data to the new accounting package, we will work with you to connect that software to the new company in MineralTree. Once you confirm it is working correctly, we will disconnect the old company.

4. Sync the new company. Vendor, dimension, and historical data will be synced from the new accounting package to your new MineralTree company, just as it would with a new company.

What won't sync:

  • Vendor ACH data (except for Intacct, which will update the new company automatically): we can help you to re-import this into MineralTree
  • Document images and check images: we can provide an export of this information from the old company. However, this data cannot be imported into a new company.


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