Applying Credits in Great Plains to sync with MineralTree


Applying Credits in Great Plains 

  1. Make sure an open invoice is created (posted through Payables batch from MineralTree).
  2. Create Credit Memo by going to Purchasing --> Transaction Entry.


  1. On Payables Transaction Entry screen, choose Document Type: Credit Memo. Choose Vendor ID and enter Document Number and amount. Click Post. See example below.


  1. To apply the credit to an open invoice, go to Purchasing --> Apply Payables Documents. 
  1. On Apply Payables Documents screen, choose the Vendor ID, choose Document Type: Credit Memo, then click the magnifying glass for Document No.


  1. A list of available credits will be shown. Highlight the credit you want to apply and click Select.


  1. You will be brought back to the Apply Payables Documents screen. The list of open invoices will appear at the bottom.


  1. Check the box next to the invoice you would like to apply the credit to. You can also change the amount you want to apply by adjusting the $ total on the right. See example below. In this case, $45.00 credit is being applied to a $100.00 invoice. When done, click OK in the upper left corner.


  1. On the Payables Transactions by Vendor screen, you will now see the amount on this invoice reduced. The credits will show as HIST status, which means they have been fully applied.


  1. The change to the balance of the bill will be synced to MineralTree within a few minutes. The remaining balance can be paid in MineralTree after the change has synced.
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