Product Update: Pay/Post Actions on the Invoices Tab

Here is how the Invoices Tab allows users to Pay and Post invoices in bulk from the Invoices summary screen.

Pay/Post Action Button

The action button on the Invoices tab allows users to toggle between the Pay action (moving invoices to the Payment Queue on the right side of the screen) and the Post action (triggering the sync of an invoice from MineralTree to the accounting system). 

By default, the Pay action is selected when users navigate to the invoices screen, and a checkbox appears to the right of the invoices in the Unpaid status. Invoices with an invalid vendor address or invoices that require approval before payment will not have a checkbox.


Users can select the Post action button to view invoices in the Draft status that are ready to be posted to the accounting system. Invoices that have already been posted to the accounting system will not display a checkbox. Changes made to these unpaid invoices automatically sync to the accounting system.

Paying invoices in bulk

To move multiple invoices to the payment queue in bulk,

  1. Select the Pay action button
  2. Click the checkbox to the right of any invoice you'd like to pay.
  3. Click the green arrow button to move all invoices to the payment queue.

Posting invoices to your accounting system in bulk

To sync multiple invoices to your accounting system at one time,

  1. Select the Post action button
  2. Click the checkbox to the right of any invoice you'd like to post.
  3. Click the green arrow button to trigger the sync. Note: if any of the selected invoices cannot be posted due to missing required fields, a confirmation message will indicate that certain records have not been synced. Open the invoice details to review the errors and trigger the sync.

Filtering the Invoices Tab view

By default, all invoices are displayed on the Invoices tab. Depending on whether the Pay or Post action button is selected, checkboxes appear to the right of the Unpaid or Draft invoices respectively. To view only invoices that correspond with a specific action, use the filters dropdown on the invoices tab to select the Unpaid or Draft filter.

Selecting Unpaid will automatically set the action button to Pay, and only invoices in the Unpaid state will be displayed.

Selecting Draft will automatically set the action button to Post, and only invoices in the Draft state will be displayed.

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