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With MineralTree SilverPay, customers can earn cashback on payments to vendors. There are nearly 500,000 card-accepting vendors who provide rebates or discounts to receive card-based payments. MineralTree customers are able to take advantage of these rebates without applying for or receiving a commercial card. Customers receive 0.5% cashback for all qualifying transactions.

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Payment Process

Upon account setup, any vendors known to accept virtual cards will be automatically configured to use “SilverPay” as the preferred payment method. As the enrollment campaign runs, and vendors sign up to receive virtual cards, MineralTree sets SilverPay as the payment method.

When customers make payments to card-accepting vendors, SilverPay is automatically selected as the payment method. This can be verified in either the Vendor Details dialog or the Payment Confirmation dialog before payments are submitted for authorization. Payments follow the customers’ standard payment authorization processes. Once payments are authorized and issued, vendors receive an email containing the full card number and remittance details. Vendors process the card payments as they would any other credit card payments.

Payment Timing


All SilverPay payment authorized before 4pm EST are submitted for same day processing.

Each SilverPay payment appears as an individual debit on the customer’s bank statement 1-2 days after the card payment has been processed by the vendor. The descriptor on the bank statement is “COMDATA 2012 SET CDNOTHER <CUSTOMER NAME>”.

Debits are made from Company ID 9620813252. If you have a debit block enabled on your account, please authorize this ID to make debits from your account to ensure timely funding of SilverPay payments.


Vendors receive an email containing payment information the same day for any payments authorized before 4pm EST. Payments authorized after 4PM EST are submitted for processing the following day.

Emails containing card payments are sent from epayables@cpxchange.com to the email address that the vendor registered with during the enrollment process.

Payment FAQs

Reconciling Payments

Reconcile payments in the same way you reconcile Check or ACH payments. You will see one debit on your bank statement for each SilverPay payment that you issue. These debits are only reflected once your vendor processes the payment - similar to a check payment.

Card Expiration

For security reasons, cards are set to expire after 30 days. If a card expires before it has been processed by the vendor, customers will then need to void the payment in both MineralTree and their accounting system in order to reissue the payment to the vendor.

Cancelling Payments

If customers need to cancel payments for any reason before the card has been processed, they can do so by contacting mtsupport@mineraltree.com. Once the card transaction has been cancelled, the customer can void the payment in both MineralTree and the accounting system and reissue the payment to the vendor.


Customers receive 0.5% cashback for all eligible SilverPay payments. Cashback from SilverPay payments is delivered to customers quarterly in the form of an electronic payment.

Process Diagram


Account Setup

MineralTree works with Priority Payments to create an account on behalf of the MineralTree customer.

Vendor Enrollment

MineralTree runs a report against the customer’s vendor list to identify known card-accepting vendors. Based on the annual spend to these vendors, MineralTree calculates the rebates the customer can expect to receive by converting payments to virtual cards.

MineralTree automatically enables SilverPay as the payment method for all known card acceptors, and runs a phone and email campaign to enroll the customer’s remaining vendors. To ensure that all vendors are a good fit for this program, common questions to vendors include:

  • Do you accept credit cards today?
  • Are you willing to accept credit cards received via email?
  • What additional information do you need from your customer in order to process credit cards received by email?
  • Do you assess any additional fees to your customer when accepting credit card payments via email?

When a good fit has been established, the vendor provides our enrollment team with the correct email to send credit card payments to for processing, and MineralTree automatically configures the SilverPay payment method for the vendor. 

Emails containing card payments are sent from epayables@cpxchange.com. Vendors should register this email address as a known sender, so that payment remittances are not flagged as junk or spam. The subject line of the payment emails is “Electronic Payment Advisory from <Customer Name> - Action Required"

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