Credit Card Payments


Summary: This article reviews how to add a credit card as a payment option within MineralTree. Debit cards are not supported. 

Audience: Accounting Manager or administrator

Add your credit card as a payment method from the Company Profile.

  1. Go to your Company Profile
  2. Select Manage Accounts
  3. From the Credit Cards section, locate the credit card account from your ERP to which you'd like to link your credit card. Note: if you do not see any accounts in this section, please ensure that you've created an account of type "Credit Card" in your accounting system.
  4. Enter your card information and save. Note: if you receive an error message even after you've entered the correct card number, please contact MineralTree Support to ensure that we are able to support your credit card.
  5. Once your credit card has been added, you will be able to select this account on as the default payment account on the Vendor Detail or on the payment confirmation screen.

Payment Process

  1. Select invoice for payment.
  2. Choose your Credit Card account as the Paid From account, and Credit Card as the payment method.
  3. Follow your standard payment approval workflows in MineralTree.
  4. When a payment has been approved, your vendors receive an email notification indicating that a card payment is ready for processing.
  5. Vendors log in to our secure file-sharing site ShareFile to retrieve card payment information.
  6. This charge will appear on your credit card statement.

Payment FAQs

Reconciling credit card payments

Card payments made in MineralTree sync to your accounting system against an account type of Credit Card. Vendors receive payment notification via email, and once they have processed the card, the charge appears on your credit card statement. 

Payment Benefits

Credit card payments sent via MineralTree qualify for the same cashback, points, or rewards offered by your credit card program.

Vendor Enrollment

Please contact MineralTree Support for more information about vendor enrollment.

How does this process work for my vendor?

Please read this article for more information.


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