User Roles


There are 3 user roles in the MineralTree application.

  • Accounting Manager
  • Invoice Approver
  • Payment Authorizer

Additionally, the above roles can be opted to be an Administrator, which comes with additional User and Company configuration rights. 


Accounting Manager

The accounting manager is the main user of the MineralTree application. This user is responsible for receiving invoice documents, coding and reviewing invoices, routing invoices for approval, posting invoices to the accounting system, and ultimately choosing which invoices to pay. The key areas of functionality available to an accounting manager are: 

  • Document management: accounting managers manage the MineralTree inbox, where documents that are emailed or uploaded for invoice capture are stored.
  • Invoice coding and review: after data capture is complete, accounting managers review invoice data and complete the coding.
  • Invoice approval: accounting managers create invoice approval rules and manage any approvals or rejections that are received.
  • Invoice Posting: after invoices have been reviewed for accuracy, accounting manages post invoices to the accounting system so that MineralTree and the accounting system remain in sync
  • Payment selection: after invoices have been coded and approved, accounting managers build the payment queue that is sent to payment authorizers for review.
  • Research: accounting managers access payment history to research questions from vendors or review invoice and check documentation. 

Invoice Approver

Invoice approvers are typically members within an organization who are not directly involved with the Accounts Payable process, but are responsible for reviewing invoices for accuracy and receipt. Invoice approval requests are sent via email. Invoice approvers have the ability to approve or reject invoices in two ways.

  • Invoice approvers click a review link in the invoice approval request email, which takes them to a webpage where they are able to view the invoice document, and summary information about the invoice such as vendor name and invoice amount. From this page, they approve or reject the invoice. Invoice approvers can also add a comment, which the accounting managers will see.
  • Invoice approvers click log in to access the Invoice Approver application. From this application, they are able to see all invoices that are currently awaiting approval, and view full invoice details including line level coding, approve or reject invoices individually on in bulk.
  • Invoice approvers can be set up to create/edit invoices. This permission needs to be enabled by an Administrator.

Payment Authorizer

Payment authorizers are responsible for releasing payments. These users log in to the Payment Authorization application, and have the ability to review either summary information or full payment detail. Payment authorizers approve payments for submission, or they reject payments. Payments that are rejected are sent back to the Accounting Manager for additional review and resubmission. Payment authorizers do not have the ability to edit payment information. Up to two levels of payment approval can be enabled prior to payment release.



Optional Add-On:



The administrator user is able to manage both user and company settings. The following actions are available to administrators

Company Settings

  • update basic company information like the name and the address that is used on checks
  • manage payment approval workflows, such as single approval and dual approval thresholds
  • manage invoice approval workflows, such as tiered approval rules, access privileges, and invoice approval requirements
  • manage security settings for two factor authentication
  • view bank account information. Note: this information cannot be changed by an administrator. Contact MineralTree Support to update your bank account information.

Manage Users

  • Add new users
  • Edit user information
  • Reset users' passwords
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