Sending invoice documents to MineralTree

There are two ways to load invoice documents into your MineralTree account:

  • Email the documents to your MineralTree account.
  • Upload the documents through the Inbox.

Email documents 

Rather than uploading documents to MineralTree, you have the option of emailing documents into your MineralTree account. There are three different ways to email documents into the MineralTree system. This address follows the format docs+<company_alias> Your company alias will be shared with you during onboarding.

When emailing documents, please send each invoice as an individual attachment. There is no limit to the number of attachments you can send in a single email. 

By default image documents and the body of your emails are not loaded into you MineralTree account when you send emails. If you would like to update these settings and enable either type of document, please contact MineralTree Support.

Note: contact MineralTree Support to discuss options for emailing "bulk" documents, or multiple invoice documents contained in a single attachment.

Documents received electronically

Email the documents yourself

If you receive electronic invoice documents from your vendors, simply forward them to your MineralTree document email address, or set up an automatic forwarding rule.

Ask vendors to email the documents 

Alternatively, you can share your MineralTree document email address with your vendors, and have them send documents directly into the system.

Documents received in the mail

If you receive invoice documents from your vendors in the mail, scan the documents on any scanner, and email the documents to your dedicated MineralTree email address.

Upload Documents in the MineralTree application

To upload documents into your MineralTree account

  1. Log in to MineralTree.
  2. Navigate to the Inbox.
  3. Click the upload button that appears to the left of the search box.
  4. A browser dialog will open. Select the documents you would like to upload.

*Note: Up to 10 documents can be uploaded at a time via this method.



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