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Customers have the option to enable document sync from MineralTree to Intacct. When enabled, once a document is attached to an invoice in MineralTree, and the user “posts” the invoice to Intacct, a vendor bill is created in Intacct and the document is automatically uploaded and attached to the vendor bill in Intacct.

Note: documents in Intacct do NOT sync to MineralTree. This is a one-way sync from MineralTree into Intacct.


Contact MineralTree Support at to enable document sync for your MineralTree account.

By default, documents attached to invoices prior to the feature being enabled DO NOT sync to Intacct. Contact MineralTree Support at to sync historical documents to Intacct.

Sync Behavior


After this feature has been enabled in your MineralTree account, documents that are attached to invoices in MineralTree automatically sync to Intacct once the invoice has been posted to Intacct. When a document is attached to an invoice that has already been posted, the document syncs to Intacct during the following sync cycle.

By default, documents from MineralTree are synced to your Intacct Attachments in a folder name ‘MineralTree Documents’. To specify a different folder, notify MineralTree Support of the exact folder name in Intacct that you would like to use instead.

To view document attachments in Intacct, locate the Bill record, and select the paper clip icon in the Attachments section. Additionally, to view all documents that have synced from MineralTree to Intacct, select Company > Open Setup > Attachments. Filtering the list by Folder > ‘MineralTree Documents’, displays a list of all attachments, grouped by invoice. MineralTree assigns a unique attachment ID for invoice in MT that has a document attached. Select View for any of these records to review all documents attached to a given invoice.

To ensure uniqueness, a number is appended to the end of each document as it is synced to Intacct. For example, the document ABC.pdf in MineralTree would sync to Intacct as ABC-<unique_number>.pdf.

If the same document is attached to multiple invoices in MineralTree, the document will sync to Intacct one time for EACH invoice that it is attached to.

Deleting Documents

Documents deleted in MineralTree are NOT automatically deleted in Intacct, nor are documents deleted in Intacct automatically deleted in MineralTree. When deleting documents, be sure to perform the deletion in both MineralTree and in Intacct to ensure that the systems remain in sync.

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