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Summary: How and when you can recall payments and how to resubmit them. 

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Why recall payments? 

Occasionally you may submit a payment that needs to be recalled and resubmitted. This can happen when the wrong account is erroneously selected or for various other business reasons. Payments can also fail. This happens if a payment is processing and the invoice or vendor record is changed in any way during that time. 

When can I recall payments?

Payments can be recalled at any time before a payment authorizer approves payments. Once they have been approved, you will need to void the payment with the exception of a check. Checks can be recalled up until 11:59PM ET the day the payment was approved. 

How to recall a payment

You can only recall a payment if it has one of the following statuses:

  • Scheduled
  • Waiting Approval
  • Failed

Below are the steps to remove a pending payment. 

Locate the payment from the Payments tab and click the Amount field to open the payment details.


From here, click the “Add to Queue” button. This will return the Payment to the Payment Queue under the Invoices tab


Resubmit a payment

You can resubmit your payment in two ways. If you only need to change your payment method, just go to the Invoices tab, confirm your payment, change the payment method, and Submit.



If you need to modify your invoice in any way, you'll have to "Return to Unpaid" in order to make any invoice modifications.

To do this, go to the Invoices tab, click the drop down menu next to the payment in queue and select "Return to Unpaid."


This will return the payment to the invoices tab for modification. Alternatively, you can select the "x" next to the amount or click the "Remove All" button.


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