Remove and reauthorize Quickbooks Desktop Connector


Below are the steps to remove the QuickBooks Desktop authorization for the MineralTree Connector. This can be necessary if the Connector is displaying the message “Unable to open Quickbooks file"

  1. Exit the MineralTree Connector
    1. Right click on the Task Bar icon and select Exit
  2. Open Quickbooks as an Admin in Single User Mode
  3. From the command bar select Edit then Preferences
  4. From the Preferences window select Integrated Applications (on the right)
  5. Click the Company Preferences tab
  6. Locate the MineralTree Connector application
  7. Click Remove
  8. Close the Preferences window
  9. Restart the MineralTree Connector
    1. Quickbooks should now prompt you to re-authorize the Connector
  10. From the Quickbooks Application Certificatee
    1. Select - Yes, whenever the Quickbooks company file is open
    2. Check - Allow this application to….
  11. Click Continue then Done


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